Busy. Overwhelmed. Stressed?

Is ‘Getting Things Done‘ getting you down?

There is another way to work. Let’s get Mindful!

Mindful Productivity is a 4 week eClass full of practical, get-going insights and tactics so that you’ll have an action plan to do more Right Work and make an impact with your business.

Step out of the day to day grind of running a business – meetings, emails, social media – and spend some time focusing on how to work better. Join me and get Mindful.

“Sinead’s Mindful Productivity eClass was excellent. Packed with information and techniques to try, it gave me a new perspective on how to get things done and maintain a sense of calm. I’ve implemented some of the learning from the class and it’s helping me tackle the big projects that might otherwise fall by the wayside. Sinead is very knowledgeable and full of great tips and the private Facebook group was an added bonus.” Emma Taggart, Emma Taggart Campaigning

What You’ll Learn Each Week

Week 1. The Mindful Productivity Formula & How To Spend Your Time

  • A review of the Mindful Productivity formula
  • How your brain works and how you can work with it rather than against it
  • Why habits are essential in working better.
  • What’s the difference between Rubbish Work, Regular Work and the Right Work – and why you should care
  • Tapping into the power of Role Models

Week 2. How to Plan and Prioritise Your Work

  • Design a trusted system for capturing and processing your tasks that works with your lifestyle
  • Introducing Big Rocks and MITs – ensure you get your Right Work done
  • The Energy Line of projects.
  • How to choose what to work on at any moment.
  • Learn why we procrastinate – and what to do about it.

Week 3. How to Work with Energy, Focus and Attention

  • Identify when you work best (and when you would be better off napping!)
  • The importance of rituals in your day/week
  • How to work with the energy patterns of your brain and body
  • Learn tried and tested methods of focusing.

Week 4. The Power of Less and Regaining Digital Balance

  • The problem with email – and what to do about it
  • Why Inbox Zero sucks – and the Mindful Inbox works.
  • Learn ways to reduce your ‘busywork’ and distractions
  • Examine your relationship with your digital life
  • Get new perspective on social media – strategies, tools and techniques to get the benefits without the time-suck


How it works

The Mindful Productivity course is entirely virtual: based in live eclasses, written, and online formats, so that you can participate from anywhere in the world, and in a way that works with your busy schedule.

Mindful Productivity includes:

  1. 4 video workshop-format calls with Sinead (one each week); you can watch, listen and participate live or listen to the recordings at your convenience.
  2. Short ‘homework’ exercises to be completed each week so you put into action what you’ve learnt.
  3. Yoga and mindfulness techniques that you can incorporate into your day.
  4. An online forum (closed Facebook Group) where you can connect with other participants, share learning, get support, and ask questions and get feedback from Sinead in between sessions.
  5. A signed copy of Sinead and Bridget Stacey-Luff’s new book The Business Yogi: How to be happy at work.

Here’s what wellbeing coach Patricia Salle in Amsterdam said about the programme:

“I have taken part in Sinead most recent Mindful Productivity eClass. Sinead is a technical skilled consultant who happily shares her throughout researched knowledge on Digital Productivity. She is an expert in enhancing group participation on and off line. Sinead made me aware of my own workflow as well as my busy-ness (am I being productive or am I just being busy?). Should you want to know more about it I strongly advise you join one of her coming up online courses.” Patricia Sallé, Wellbeing Coach

About The Schedule

Calls take place each Monday from 1pm to 2pm. The new class starts Monday 15th October 2012 and ends Monday 5th November 2012.

Please note: You do not need to attend the calls live, and can watch the recordings at your convenience.

Sign me up!

Your investment in working better is £165.*

*If you would like a payment plan, please get in touch with me to discuss various options.

**10% of your class fee will be donated to the Girls Be Ambitious programme in Cambodia which pays girls to stay in school instead of dropping out due to financial pressure from their family. Your participation in the Mindful Productivity eClass will allow the girls to stay in school for a whole year and reduce the likelihood of them being trafficked into sex work or exploitative labour.

***Spots on the course are limited and we sold out last time, so grab your spot today!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I don’t want to keep your money if this programme doesn’t work for you. Just let me know and I’ll cheerfully refund your investment. This policy is good for a full 30 days after the first class to ensure that you have enough time to see results.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are the workshop calls? Can I get a recording if I miss them?

The workshop calls are Monday lunchtimes 1pm to 2pm, beginning October 15th and ending November 5th.

You will be given details of how to join the calls when you sign up. You will need access to the internet via Google Chrome as the preferred web browser. A headset is useful but not essential.

However: the program is designed to work whether you can attend live or not, and call recordings will always be posted right away. You’ll still get to participate fully in the programme and can always ask your questions or participate in discussion via the online forum.

2. I am not a big fan of forums … do I have to participate?

Me too! The idea of remembering to log in to another platform during my day and check for updates is not appealing. That’s why I am hosting the ‘forum’ as a private Facebook Group. All you need to participate is a Facebook account. It’s entirely up to you how much you want to participate or not but you can use the Group to get feedback on your homework and stay motivated during the course.

3. I like this idea, but I don’t do well with virtual courses.

Think of the course as an weekly class rather than an online course. The course content has been split into four easy to digest and action segments so that you can learn the concepts on the Monday and try them out during the week at work.

4. I don’t run my own business. How do I know if the course will be applicable to me as an employee?

Great question. This is a program for employees as well as entrepreneurs but it is suited to those who have some degree of control over their work.

5. I’m just not sure.

Why not give me a call (07795 363 661) or email me and let’s have a chat about it.

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.”

-Bruce Lee