One of the great things about the Christmas break is that I find it gives me time to refocus my work and plan for the New Year. Being away from the hustle and bustle of London is an added bonus (I am currently in Lisbon) and allows for a fresh perspective.

Chris Guillebeau has been blogging about his annual review process for the past four years. For one week in December he spends time looking back at what worked well and not so well during the year and puts in place tangible goals for the year ahead. You can read more about how he does this in his original blog post and also read the posts from this years annual review here.

For me this annual review is like the yogic idea of recalibration, getting our bodies and minds back into alignment and this is what I have been considering during my annual review. This is a great time of year to go back and examine what your core mission and values are and what you want to achieve with your business. As blogger Derek Sivers puts it, starting a business is an opportunity to create your own utopia for you and your customers.

So what’s the utopia that I am trying to create for myself and my customers?

I think it can be summed up like this: helping people work better.

Working better means mindful productivity, working smarter not longer; making smart digital choices that work for you.

Working better is creating flexible businesses allowing you to fulfil your work and life objectives and to design your business to suit your lifestyle.

Working better is recognising that all business can and should be social businesses, good for profit, good for people and good for planet.

These three themes are going to be at the forefront of my work this year. Here is a preview of what’s in store:

-Launching an online Mindful Productivity weekly class starting in February based around my year-long research and practice into integrating productivity, yoga and digital to find new ways of getting the important stuff done and getting our working lives back into balance.

-Hosting Mindful Productivity weekend retreats in the Spring and Autumn combining yoga, meditation and productivity training (and great food and company!)

-Continuing to offer my Digital Wellbeing 101 coaching packages to help individual clients make the most out of their digital life.

-Offering bespoke in-house training packages to organisations and companies on topics around productivity and the social web.

-Speaking at as many events as I can fit in!

-Running a new cohort of the Digital Assistant Academy, this time focussing on getting teenage mums back into work and experimenting with delivering some of the programme online.

-Using my three years of building online business models to develop a brand new programme to help my audience translate their ideas into successful lifestyle businesses. Watch this space for more details.

-The launch of my next book The Business Yogi: How the Science of Yoga can Help You Be More Happy, Healthy and Productive in the Spring.

How are you recalibrating for the New Year? What goals have you set yourself? Do share in the comments.

PS. All of this is a work in progress and I’d love to get your feedback on my new offerings. Do drop me a line and say hello.

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